Live Music with Stevie Mathews

August 19, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

Live Music with Stevie Mathews

Steve matthews

Growing up with an insatiable passion for music, Stevie Matthews always dreamed of playing on a lighted stage.  When he was able to get a job as a paper boy at age 12, he saved enough money to purchase his first guitar that would begin the lifelong/endless quest for musical proficiency and self-expression.

Stevie’s daydreams started blending with reality when he decided to quit his job and devote his time and energy solely on music.  Getting work wherever and whenever he could he played in several bands in several different positions.  A lead guitar player for Flip Shot, drummer for The Readys and playing solo acoustic shows while developing his own band; Stevie Matthews Trio.  

Matthews now make his living performing around the Baltimore, DC, and Virginia area while also sparking the next generation of dreamers by teaching guitar in home guitar lessons.

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