Many car owners who buy UTE do so for the thrill and experience of driving a massive beast on off-roads and through extreme terrain. But you can’t drive a car right after buying it, especially if this is the reason for you to buy a UTE in the first place.

That’s because your car requires some modifications that have to be made before it is ready to give you that rush of adrenaline as you navigate through unexplored terrain. The first and the most important modification you make it to lift the car, so you can make some additional space to fit large tires that are better suited for driving through such off-road conditions.

This lifting of your car is not easy and you need the right equipment for it such as the Hilux lift kit. By using this kit, you can easily lift your car higher up from the ground and install the large ire’s that give you better speed and traction for driving through rough terrain. These Hilux lift kits can also play a big role in changing the looks of your car and it can feel more like the beast that you have always yearned to own. 

All of this may sound exciting and you might step out right away to buy a Hilux lift kit. But here are five things you should know before that.

Purpose of Hilux Lift Kits

When you say Hilux lift kit, it is most often associated with trucks, jeeps, UTEs, or 4X4 vehicles that drive through rough terrain. This is because there is a practical purpose for Hilux lift kits in these types of vehicles.

When vehicles have to go through rough terrain, hills, large rocks, it makes sense to increase the chassis of their body, so they get enough clearance. This means they can weather through most types of terrain without taking a hit from boulders or other large rocks.

Does this mean you can use a Hilux lift kit for cars that mostly drive on paved roads? Yes and no.

The answer is yes because technically you can use a Hilux lift kit to increase the height of the UTE regardless of the purpose for which you want to do it and, no because it is not a good idea to lift your car just for the aesthetics of it. For example, it makes no sense to increase the height of the car just because you want to drive a beast on a paved road!

So, think of the purpose before increasing the height of your car with a Hilux lift kit.

Types of Hilux Lift Kits

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Hilux lift kits, namely, body lift kits and suspension lift kits.

Body lift kits are mostly used when you want to elevate the height of your car by a mere one to three inches It is best done by lifting the body of its frame by keeping blockers or spacers. This additional space allows you to replace existing tires with big ones.

Suspension lift kits, on the other hand, are mostly used with trucks and 4X4s as it raises the suspension of the car by replacing the front and rear shocks and suspension springs. As a result, its height will increase by four to six inches. However, it is important to note that raising the vehicle so high can cause some instability and you should know to handle it well.

Pick the Right Size

Generally speaking, car lifts come in many sizes and shapes and as a car owner; you should pick the one that best meets your needs.

Here are some of the factors that should go into choosing the right car lift that would work best for you.

  • Your car’s year, make, and model.
  • The size of your tire’s diameter. This should be the new one that you’re trying to fit.
  • The width of the new tire you want to fit
  • The rim offset

A good rule of thumb is that you should pick a car lift that will lift the car to a height where the new tires that you want to install will not rub with the car’s frame, thereby allowing its free movement.

The good news though is that there are standard charts for tires, so the new tire would most likely fall into any of the standard sizes, and based on this, you can decide how much to lift your car. A mechanic can also help you in this regard, especially to decide how much you should lift the car.

Decide If You Need An Adaptor

When you lift your car, the balance and stability always can shift and this is why you may sometimes need additional accessories to give it the right feel.

One such accessory that is commonly used by many people who use a Hilux lift kit is the wheel adopter, also known as a wheel spacer.

Car wheels come in many sizes and when you fit a tire that’s anywhere from 13 to 19 inches in diameter, you don’t have to do much except lifting your car with a Hilux lift kit. If you want to install bigger tires, you’ll have to take some precautions because the rim of the tire may brush with your car’s frame.

This is wheel adaptors come in as they fit between your wheel and the frame of your car to ensure that there is a little space between the rim and the frame. This will prevent the rim from rubbing with the frame and will allow your tires to move freely.

One thing to note is that all vehicles don’t need a wheel adaptor, so you should buy this accessory after you fit the wheel to your car, and if you think there’s a friction that requires something to separate it. That’s the only occasion when you should invest in a wheel adaptor.

Thus, these are the four things you must know before you buy a Hilux lift kit and start to lift your car with it.